Raise money for your school AND watch incredible football matches at Madejski Stadium!

About the School Ticketing Scheme

Schools buy tickets at special discounted rates, and a percentage of the revenue the school generates is returned to the school in fundraising.

This fantastic scheme allows local schools to build a relationship with their local professional football club as well as raise much needed funds. During the 2014/2015 season nearly £20,000 has gone back into local schools. Work with our dedicated team and also receive visits from our club mascots, Kingsley and Queensley, and even some of our first team players.

With an easy process schools are able to attend a Reading Football Club home game and show their support for the Royals. So register your interest today


Benefits of Joining:

  • Raise money for your local school
  • Raise the profile of your school with parents
  • Pupils can attend matches at special discounted rates
  • Support your local club and help your community
  • Parents can enjoy an affordable way to take their children on an outing
  • Pupils can watch football in our state of the art stadium
  • Your school makes money on all tickets sold
  • Easy to sign up (New online booking system)
  • Work with our dedicated schools team
  • Visits to you school from our club mascots, Kingsley and Queensley, and even some of our first team players

    Join the School Ticketing Scheme

    If you are a school and would like more information on how to join the School Ticketing Scheme, please contact:

Request to Join the School Ticketing Scheme



School Ticketing Scheme Testimonials

quote-left “The Reading FC Schools Scheme is a win, win, win; people get to support their local club, parents are given an affordable way to take their kids to see football at a state of the art stadium and to cap it all our school makes money on tickets sold. It amazes me that it’s so easy to sign up and administer; it makes us look great, the parents love it and we’re raising money!” quote-right
Matt Whidett, Meadow Vale Primary School meadow-vale-primary-school


quote-left “The Colleton School, children and families have really enjoyed being part of The ‘Schools scheme’. Only this week a family who had never been to a football match before told me how much they had enjoyed the experience. We have been lucky that we have had Kingsley and two first team players visit our school this season, much to the delight of the children…….and staff!” quote-right
Caroline Norris, Head Teacher at The Colleton Primary School colleton-primary-school


quote-left “Reading FC provides the PTA with tickets for home matches, allowing families to attend games for half the normal price. A percentage of the money from ticket sales goes directly to the PTA. For many children this has been their first opportunity to attend a football match at such a high profile club and it is certainly proving extremely popular as a regular fund-raiser. So far this has enabled families from Oaklands to attend 3 or 4 matches every year, which has helped raise thousands of pounds for PTA projects. The Infant School is currently raising funds for a major project to extend and refurbish the Year 2 library.Each game has seen an increasing number of families attending, and we are expecting even greater interest in the next match. Many thanks for all your support!” quote-right
Reaoot Philpot, Oakland Junior & Infant Schools, Crowthorne oaklands-junior-school


quote-left “The Reading FC ticketing scheme for schools has been great for us. Lots of families who might not otherwise have got to see live football can watch at very reduced rates and we’ve made a few quid for school at a time when budgets are tight.The matches we’ve been to have felt like fun community occasions and we were part of Reading FC’s history when they topped the Championship in 2012!I can’t believe we didn’t join the scheme earlier!” quote-right
Esther Pasmore, Emmer Green School emmer-green-primary-school